Unable to restore backup to anywhere other than external hard drive.


I have a backup that’s a little old now, but contains some photos that I’d like to get back after the fun I had installing Windows 10 and screwing my OS drive a couple of times.

I currently have 4 drives connected to the computer, 2x 250GB B50 Evos, 1x 1TB Seagate and 1x 1TB External.

I’ve been trying for ages to restore this system backup onto the Seagate drive, having shuffled my files around and finally formatted the drive.

The problem that I’m having is that when I go to restore the file the only place it says I can restore to in the External drive which currently has the file, plus some others on and as it will be extremely slow to use and will possibly overwrite some other files I need to put it onto the Seagate drive.

Hopefully this hasn’t been to rambling and I got my question across.


Hi He11beast,

If you go to the CBU help pages here it shows how to restore to a location of your choice.

If not you can mount the backup and just extract the files you want to the drive you want. Mount a Back-Up as a virtual Drive

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Dolphin,

I have tried both of those options and neither has worked for me.

When I try to restore from the file the only place I can restore to is the external drive and when I start that process, I cannot seem to select the files to restore as it is a system backup.


Mounting the backup did work although I seemed to be locked out of my user file for some reason. (possibly it’s due to the age of the backup or the fact that I’m on Windows 10 now and the backup is Windows 8.1