Unable to remove xmrig.exe malware

A few months ago I swapped out a GTX650 for a GT1030. This might sound irrelevant but on the same day that I plugged it in and installed its drivers, this appeared in C:\Intel, right after I installed the graphics driver in fact (Driver 441.12 then and still using the same version today). I’ve tried many things and since COMODO can detect it, I assumed it could get rid of it. But this is what happens after a scan. https://imgur.com/F1AOq4f
I cannot choose any options besides closing the scan window.

Any help or advice with this? Any issues with that specific version?
I am lost because I have an AMD CPU as well.

Try changing the Apply the selected action to unrecognized autorun entries related to new / modified registry items setting. Or use Autoruns to find the autostart and remove it.