Unable to register for Comodo Unite

I’m trying to register for a Comodo Unite account and its just an epic failure. When signing in on the website, clicking on Register will grey out the button, but nothing ever happens. Tried in IE9, Chrome, and multiple computers.

I installed the 64 bit version on my Windows 7 PC. I go to register for an account, and then it says the email address is already in use. So I changed it to a totally unique email, and again, says its already an account (it’s my email domain, I know its not already used).

The website was very slow to load at times, so I’m thinking your service is down and you don’t have any “Sorry, service not available at this time” messages.

It’s a very bad first experience with this product.

Can someone confirm if they have registered successfully on Nov 26th?


as far i can tell, evrything works fine for me today - have to create new email account ( it take’s me 25 min !, because of stupid antyspam protection ) but i was able to create new acc.

but as far i can tell, unite isn’t supported any more ( check date of last stable version ). so if you are looking for vpn based software try wippien, or for gaming experience evolvee vpn