Unable to make CVE works with IE8


Just downloaded CVE Run XP SP3, IE8. The download went without problem. CVE appeared in the add-on of IE8, I have the tray icon (in fact I’ve 2 CVE tray icons!).
But the good story ends there. Nothing happens when I google or open sites. CVE is inactive in the brownser.

What must I do to make it work?


Ok sorry for my initial post. After reboot, CVE works. Maybe it should be mentionned at the end of the install to reboot the computer to activate the application.


Simply won’t work for me. Tried installing and reinstalling 4 times with re boots in between. Have given up and installed WOT.


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It’s great that you figured thast out with Vengine

Just a lil note – you don’t need CVE on System Startup (and having icon in the SysTray respectively), so you can disable that. Add-on (when enabled) will work as it suppose to.


Unfortunately you did not provide any info about your system.
We can just assume that you are using IE8 …. & that’s it…
If not , please read several dedicated threads & discussions in this section
In breaf:
CVE is not compatible with Firefox starting from v4 We have v6 now already;
currently CVE must not be installed on Win7 x64 with IE9, since that will render your system inoperable & recovery + uninstallation of CVE may not be trivial procedure (rather PITA) for less experienced users

In addition please provide info about any security with real-time residents running
It could happen – CVE was just silently blocked by one of them… we should not guess…, but check the rules created by you security.

Finally, sure you can install and use WOT,… but that by no means can be considered being a substitution to CVE. Those are completely different technologies providing absolutely different services. Shortly – WOT is community based ratings;
and in popular: CVE is an authentication of the sites, which just shows you that you are dealing with the site you wanna deal with , but not the fake one.

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Hi Siberlynx and thanks for the reply.

System is XP 32 bit SP3.
Comodo Firewall,
Windows Security Essentials (Realtime),
MalWareBytes On Demand.


Compatability mode and in private browsing has caused issues with IE8.

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Hi Hitbit,

Thank you for the reply as well … but as you know it’s too late for CVE discussions because the product was declared to be another “abandon-ware”.
I don’t care about other Software(s) in the latter list, but regarding CVE it was unfortunate


Hi captainsticks ,

1st , as above - too late - the product is gone ;),
but just out of curiosity: what “compatibility” mode has (had) to do with that ??? , including the fact that IE8 worked fine & the issue was with IE9 on win7 x64 regardless, speaking of the mentioned mode


Hi SiberLynx,
Hitbit was possibly talking about IE8, and I remembered reading in the past that compatability mode can cause problems, and I thought it might still help Hitbits situation.

This topic is one place I have read it.
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Thanks captainsticks ,

I forgot my own input after testing the said modes in the past ;D


NP SiberLynx :),
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