Unable to install V6

When I try to install CIS V6 I get the following: “Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error: 1603. Fatal error during installation”. :embarassed:

I hope this will be fixed very soon.

Please try following the advice I give in this post and see if that allows it to be installed.

I’ve got the same problem. Reported it here: https://forums.comodo.com/format-verified-issue-reports-cis/unable-to-install-cis-6-final-on-win-8-due-to-solutu-m129-v6-t89188.0.html

For me it was caused by soluto. Do you to have soluto installed?

Hi LegalShare,
Thanks for posting your findings. :-TU
I had previously suggested here to others that this could very well be system related in some cases and not directly the fault of this release.

I was impressed that some “important” forum members immediately answered on my topic. So I was motivated to investigate.

Thanks for listening to me (and all the others!)

Based on my survey my suggestion for you is the following:
you could try to disable all running background programs during installing CIS.

If you don’t know how:
For WinXP/Vista/7: Press [WindowsKey]+[r] and type msconfig. Within startup disable all programs. Restart. Install CIS6. Restart. Re-Enable all programs using msconfig again. Not the perfect way, because for me it was a service (not controlled there), but perhaps you are lucky… And it’s not that difficult to try!

Thanks LegalShare but we are all equally as important, none more than others. :wink: