Unable to install required packages

When trying to install COMODO Cleaning Essentials from the GUI (Tasks>Advanced Tasks>Clean Endpoint) I get the message Cannot install. Error: 5 Access denied.
Same thing happens with installing Killswitch (Tasks>Containment Tasks>View Active Processes and then clicking MORE in the next window). Same error.

I’ve read in another post that it is a side effect of not allowing network access to CIS processes, but since it is an integral feature of the GUI I am wondering if there is a work around. I am running CIS as administrator and have tried disabling the AV and Firewall. HIPS is disabled by default.

Version beta and stable fixed try :Comodo Forum

Add quote in file host > ‪C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts download.comodo.com www.download.comodo.com

Thanks for your help. This worked in the sense that it allowed me to install Killswitch, but I am running into a new problem. The Clean Endpoint (CCE) and Watch Activity (Killswitch) buttons don’t work, neither does the MORE button under the Active Processes list. Nothing happens.

I think I am going to give it a rest. I will use the stand alone versions when needed.

Last question: Will the program update normally now that I have a beta version installed?

I couldn’t let it go… I used the uninstall method in one of the sticky posts, and reinstalled the beta. It all works now!

In the process I kind of answered my own question. I don’t think the program updates normally. To even use the uninstall tool I had to revert the hosts file back to it’s previous state.

Will the beta update automatically?

The error message “Cannot install. Error: 5 Access denied” indicates that you do not have sufficient permissions to install the required packages for COMODO Cleaning Essentials and Killswitch.

While running CIS as administrator and disabling AV, firewall, and HIPS might seem like a solution, it is not recommended as it compromises the security of your system. A more appropriate approach would be to check the network access permissions for CIS processes and ensure they have the necessary privileges to perform the installation.