Unable to get mapped drives to work

I just loaded the firewall. None of my mapped drives work. I map based on IP. I have added the IP as a zone and as an exception and moved the exception up above the red BLOCK ALL line. Still nothing. I am a system administrator and cannot use this product unless mapped drives function. Nothing found in Help files or a search of the forums.

I got XP, it’s working fine. Try to run the New trusted network wizard.

Tried the wizard as suggested. No change. Here’s the error:
An error occurred while reconnecting W: to \
Microsoft Windows Network: The network connection cannot be reached…
The connection has not been restored.

This happens with all 4 mapped drives

Is there anything related in the firewall logs? If needed, you can export the logs by right clicking in the log window and selecting “Export to HTML”. If this is consistently reporducible, which it sounds like it is, clear the firewall logs, reboot, let the error re-occur and then export the logs. Zip the HTML file and attach it here so we can have a look.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply. I found the problem and it was not related to the firewall at all. However, I have another problem which precludes me from being able to use it yet. It has to do with my VOIP application. I am going to open that as a new topic.

Thanks again,


Glad you’ve got it working, Cliff. For other users’ benefit, will you post what the problem/solution was? That way we may have a point of reference for the future.