Unable to export configuration [Merged Threads]

I have had this problem running as an administrator under Vista. I refuse to turn off UAC permanently as I think it is an important security feature. To export the settings as an administrator account I have to turn off UAC, reboot the computer, export the settings, turn on UAC and the reboot again. The same procedure is required to import the settings as well. this is extremely inconvenient and time consuming. As all the setting can be changed by a limited user surely it makes sense to be able to import and export as a limited user.

I always run as a limited user except when I really have to. If anyone is concerned about security on there computer they should do this.

Well, done a search and found others with the same problems as me, but no suitable cure.

Can someone help?

I want to export my config so I can install the new update of CFP.


I’m going to prepare comodo for my PC on other laptop running already it.
For this purpose I will on laptop edit filter rules. Export them to a file.
Then install comodo on PC, load filter rules from file. Finished.

But at the beginning I have to back-up laptop’s own comodo configuration.
I go to appropriate window, choise manage configurations, point to the active one,
left mouse click, nothing happens. No new window gets open.
What’s wrong ?

On the same way I’m not able to start comodo help from comodo’s UI.
Nothing gets open. For my luck I have pdf help.

Are you using Vista? Some users have had to turn off UAC to make this type of thing work, along with being logged on as an Admin.

You are rigth. That was UAC.

But back to my task. Quick start the creation of filter rules for my PC on foreign
laptop where Comodo is already installed, would be to load an empty firewall configuration profile
as template for target filter rules. But comodo creates more profiles (“manage my configurations”) only on importing from file.
How can I creaty an empty profile template by hand ?
To delete all rules from existing profile rule by rule is time consuming.

Why not just export your profile, and when you get to the target machine, import it and do a purge from the firewall/advanced/network security policy? That will get rid of all the extraneous rules for applications not on the target machine, allow you to retain the rules for applications in common. Same thing with Computer Security Policy. No reason to throw out everything if you have invested your time in making rules.