unable to download Google Chrome

clickonce_bootstrap.exe is downloaded with Chrome and isolated by the sandbox, as a result of this chrome will not install. Is this a FP

Hi overangry,

Could you upload the file clickonce_bootstrap.exe?

So I can check and help you.

Best regards.

Hi suhaifeng,
I have submitted this file via the unrecognized file feature in comodo.
If you meant, sending the file to you as a PM, I couldn’t find a way of inserting a file.
You can, if you like download Google Chrome, during the install clickonce_bootstrap.exe will be sandboxed.

Hi overangry,

I 'm trying to download the download Google Chrome.

Could you tell me which version about Google Chrome?

Hi overangry,

Could you show me the file sha1 or show me the download link?

So I could get the file easier.

Best regards.

SHA1 : 53c08fdee2647f65fb9d091948db76768de4b906

Hope this helps…

Hi overangry,

I’v done with it.

pls wait data update and try again.

If it isn’t work,pls tell me.

Best regards.

suhaifeng, all is working well.
Thanks for the quick help :smiley:

I am having similiar problem down loading anf installing Chrome … clickonce_bootstrap.exe stops working and the install crashes. read the posts here & looks like the problem was solved. What is the solution?

Hello sjdorn,

Please submit the sample named “clickonce_bootstrap.exe” using the following link so we can check it:

Best regards,