Unable To Connect To Server

I have been using Team viewer for a long while as it ‘just works’ on any PC with an internet connection - even corporate networks :slight_smile: Have been looking forward to using LoginPro as it’s labeled as being on par with Team viewer and is working fine :-TU - except when installed at work :frowning: even with the Firewall friendly ports used, I cannot connect to the Server :cry:

Any suggestions ???

Which version of the client are you running?

Hi Ronny,

I’ve tried RC1 today :slight_smile:

Can you explain what problems you are seeing?

All I keep getting is the balloon message saying ’ connecting to Server ’ and the icon stays yellow :cry:

This is configuration problem on our side, we’re already working on it.

Hi All,

It’s not a problem as such in terms of a bug.

We architectured the system so we can support this, we just need to configure our systems. It’s in our pipeline to do for LoginPro 1.0, don’t worry.


Hi Guys,
Thanks for the response :-TU Everything is coming together great so far :rocks:

Looking forward to the next release ;D