Unable to collect email certificates

Hopefully someone can help me out, as I usually try to hold support ticket submissions as a last resort…

I have two email accounts that I am trying to get the free certificates for. I have the same problem with both certificates.

I used the SecureEmail Certificate Signup Wizard for each of my email addresses and received the confirmation emails. I then went to https://secure.comodo.com/products/!SecureEmailCertificate_Collec2 and entered my credentials, after which I was presented with the screen certerror1 (attached below). I clicked the “here” link as instructed and rather than being asked to authorize Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control as I expected, I was presented with certerror2 (attached below) and then returned to the certerror 1 screen. Subsequent clicks of the “here” link simply repeat this loop.

My browser version is Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702.
My email client is Windows Live Mail version 2009 Build 14.0.8064.0206.
My OS version is Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1.

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From Here https://forums.comodo.com/email_certificate/trying_to_got_an_email_certificate_using_vista_home_premium_ie7-t19966.0.html;wap2=

Active X should be enabled on IE or you have to add www.comodo.com. support.comodo.com as trust web site on IE browser options of trusted site.

If you have any further Problems…
I would use Firefox to get it.


Thank you for responding so quickly.

I checked my ActiveX settings and added www.comodo.com, support.comodo.com and even secure.comodo.com to my list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, I still experienced the same problem.

Even though the very mention of Firefox (or anything Not-IE, for that matter) made me cringe, I did in fact download Firefox as a last resort and attempted the certificate retrieval process through Firefox. I received the following error message when attempting to retrieve my certificates through Firefox:

“This personal certificate can’t be installed because you do not own the corresponding private key which was created when the certificate was requested.”

Sadly, as much as I would like to use Comodo signed and encrypted email, unless there are further suggestions it seems I will be unable to do so.


Please submit the ticket in the following link, which will help us to serve you better