Un-responsive UI Elements

OK…first time i do this but I want to help improve Comodo Internet Security Premium 11.
So the problem is appears to be a as I would describe it a how the UI for various elements are processed.

Example 1. As computer is loading windows 7 I have a script that auto-logs in as soon as possible…then the computer screen locks so that others cant do anything. You can see various items in the system tray load up, a transparent icon appears in the system tray, hovering over this i get text telling me that its Comodo, the icon remains transparent for some time…at the time this is transparent, the widget which I have set to be visible is no where to be seen…only after a considerable amount of time will the icon finally load and the widget appear…

Example 2.
Comodo Internet Security Premium 11 main window where you can change to advanced view. Can become unresponsive depending on what you are doing and its not limited to this main window either…
Navigating to advanced view and then clicking at File rating and finally “file list” is the best example i can give of how the UI becomes unresponsive…
So there are several thousand files I would say that form part of what is likely an internal database. The whole of advanced view becomes unresponsive as the list is trying to be populated…Once loaded the whole list loads at once… but in the time it takes to populate the list comodo advanced settings can become unresponsive completely…you can not change over to another setting like "Containment " tab… and this can even go so far as making the widget and the main window which are also still on visible un-selectable.
I would say this appears to be something like the main window of the program is run as one thread or process… the sub elements loading like “file list” should not stop you being able to interact with the main window as it is you have to wait for the whole list to be populated, and there is no way to interrupt the list loading by choosing another window or something else…it just freezes (but not like the traditional application crash where windows will then intervene )the windows sometimes on top of other windows and not letting you select something behind it…or even allowing you to bring the window back to the front after you have selected another window. it makes using Comodo really annoying while you wait for it to catch up…

Windows 7 8GB Ram, Q9400 at 3.Ghz.

do you have amd dual graphics

Hmm… Properly written GUI doesn’t depend on the type of video card and their number.

1 saphire Radeon HD3850 512mb pcie gpu, and I’ll be ■■■■■■ if i install platform update KB2670838 as that breaks aero and changes the way the graphics acceleration is handled.

apart from that and the telemetry crapware updates am all up to date.

Lovely have also noticed this happening on my work computer, and its certainly reproducible, though the effects are not as bad.

win10 1803 i3-7100 12GB ram integrated intel gpu.


read futuretech s posts

Yeah… Checked out both posts, neither PC is a dual GPU setup.

ive also noticed that the “widget” even when set to “always on top” and “show” does not always stay ontop.

Got same problem. Definitely under heavy load. And also, if resources not always (or always not) allocated (especially when some attack in progress) - not only for GUI, but unsuccessful filesystem or memory calls are usually fatal (except swap - that’s another thing ignored in UI).
Doesn’t checking successful allocation is must do? OK, UI is low priority task, but at least give us “stop all activity” keys to able to operate UI.

i have one even better than all of that…

non interactive/Unresponsive widget.

Here are the steps…

  1. Enable widget + always ontop
  2. click on “unrecognised files” on floating widget.
  3. This opens up the list…select the populated list (currently 188…+) select all and “lookup”
    3.a this opens a new window that checks the metadata/checksum, as later it will still not recognise some files and ask to upload them (submit).
  4. try and move all 3 items… the opened 2 windows are ok to be moved/resized etc… but the widget though it is being updated…can not be interacted with and remains exactly where it is…in the way…until you close all the window.

Desired operation should be all 3 items are move-able irrespective of where the initial interaction started.

You can still see up/down speed being updated…but can not move the widget at all…

see now i like comodo, Avast’s detection rate was ■■■■■■■■ in comparison for me.
But the more am using this the more am finding holes…
Ive just come back to my pc. A full scan of computer has run of it own accord.
At the very top drop down…where you decide what action to perform against all the result it has found 317 threats… this is actually normal and good :slight_smile:

But when i chose an action to apply to the results it only affect 150 of the 317 entries its displaying.
So I have to scroll down and manually change all 167 other entries otherwise it will try and clean my virus collection.not cool!