Just wondering if ANYONE is testing these versions before they are released?

The last 2 versions have blue screened my vista machines…stupid pending files ■■■■!
Keeps screwin with my dlls.

Nobody sees how much the interface lags in 3.0.17 before it was released?

The import settings function…not working as designed

This thing is SURE to have problems with non-Comodo program updates…It can’t even recognize normal vista system processes never mind future changes!

Attention Comodo coders…It is time to make two versions One just a basic firewall with leak detection (like V2) and the other with all these extra bells and whistles (like V3 with D+/paranoid mode, etc.). Like ZA does.

Malware scans during install! 2 Restarts! Why do you assume that ALL users don’t protect their machines from malware and the like. WE HAVE A/V and ANTISPYWARE APPS…JUST MAKE A FIREWALL!

“A program is accessing the keyboard!”

“A picture is accessing the monitor!”

Surely this is overkill!

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the architecture of V2…don’t you think it’s time? You had a version that matousec reviewed as being nearly impenetrable…now in version v3 it’s a blue screen maker…and according to many of the forums users, not as secure as V2. Cmon people, were going backwards here!


…UPDATE - It just blue screened my wife’s XP machine after this months windows update!

So once again, boot in safe mode and remove MOST of it by uninstalling…WOW does it leave a lot of stragglers behind

Thanks to the guy on the forum who wrote a REAL uninstaller program! I have been using that ALOT!