ummm.....Yeah Read this

Yeah, I have a small problem well it’s a question,

Does Comodo Offer or give or at least Help with people who want to learn Cryptography, internet security, and other stuff like that?

and one more,

Melih Abdulhayoglu is The CEO right,? How does he find time to answer our Questions?

one more, Is Comodo going to make their own OS? lol

(V) (R) :■■■■ :THNK :BNC

and one more little thing,

can they create a Chat Room, but keep the Forums also…and one more,

Can Comodo Create a Optmize Thing for our PC’s To Speed up PC performance and AND Internet Speed, or just come up with their own Browser??

I’ll try to answer your questions ~

  1. You can ask about such things here
    You’ll probably get some feedback or pointers to good resources

  2. He has cloned himself, I think… ;D Either that, or it’s a case of “a good manager should always have time to goof off, as they have good people below them to do their job for them.” Seriously, I think he considers it part of his job, enjoys it, and thus makes time for us.

  3. They already have their own OS… Comodo Forum

  4. It’s being worked on - for support purposes; not a “my space” sort of thing…

  5. You can post your suggestion/request in this thread: I’m pretty sure that a Comodo browser has been mentioned somewhere in the forums (as desired; not that they were making one)