Umm What happened to the official release? [resolved]

Haven’t heard any word from anyone on the Official Release set for today yet. Hope they didn’t run into problems. ???

I also have been waiting for the official release,but…

here is the link for the UNofficial release if you are interested~

Im only guessing, but, I think with all the feedback here, they are doing some fine tuning, but like I said its only a guess.

Thats what I got thinking too. I got the version that got released the other nite but am going to hold off until the final gets released. I still got 4.22 running flawlessly as it has for a number of years.

Just thought official release was today and there would be millions of downloads and the support link would be up but i guess its delayed?

Coolio, I merged your thread with this one. As stated before, there is never a guarantee when it comes to software release dates. It’s happened before. Who knows, maybe a newer version will be released to address any recent reported issues.

I am actually glad it was delayed… I am not a windows98 or WinME user but I hope the wrapper issues with installing on those two OS’s get resolved before the final release…

So, the 4.23 release announced in the forum was not “official” ???

The link provided ( and the name of the file didn’t announce any “beta” or “RC release candidate” number …

And it was mentionned all over the net !

So, shall we consider that 4.23 as a test version ? :o
Any “Official release” in perspective ?

sorry but I can’t find the official release on the Comodo website… (:SAD) Where should I look : free products or … ???


I believe the official release may have been deferred, watch this space…


That’s a good thing as a few bugs are being reported :wink:

Ohoh and I downloaded it just from another site … :-
Bad move I suppose ???

Hmm… it appears to be live from here:

It appears to have been released on a lot of major download sites, but the release on the Comodo site appears to be a bit of a whimper.

Maybe Comodo are more interested in getting the general public to download it as the Comodo members have already been given the pr-release choice of download.

It’s up there now :BNC

Thanks, Mozart.

Now that v4.23 is officially released this topic is closed.