UI and compatiblity Improvements

I like to see some important things in Comodo CIS:

Minor Ui changes:

I like to see a way to get more informations about a file which caused any type of alert. Maybe a file review and a way to access that one directly from the alert. Also the alert should give enough time to review the file - there should be a dont auto block button on an alert.

View connections
I like to see this build out to a complete connection monitor compared to lets say TCPView.
One think i like to see is a button with which you can enable details about unknown connections, applications listen to ports and failed connections and historical connections.
Additional It would be good to be able to lookup the whois of connections. Then connection ranges which belong to that certain connection to see what ranges i would need to block to block lets say google.
Then it would be good to add a right click feature to quick add the connection to a global firewall rule or rule set.

I like to see a button to Block a file from execution and one to only let them execute in a sandbox.

HIPS / CIS installation / compatibility
I like to have a way to get comodo more compatible.
There are certain programs and installations (windows 10 ) where comodo CIS by just being installed blocks programs from being executed properly.
I like to see a compatibility control panel for this that offers ways to get the application executed anyways.

I would also like to have a proper diagnose tool to use when CIS does not properly start or just crashes with no visible reason.

For the moderation:
I am not sure how exactly to divide the different topics to threads and polls without creating for every line a thread.
If my wishes cannot stand like this please tell me how to divide them exactly.

So is there no longer moderation here?

I managed to fromat the wishes and have divided it into seperate threads so i dont need this one any longer.

thank you for splitting up your wishes. futuretech or qmarius will move your wishes to the appropriate section soon upon review. i will move this to added/rejected.

thanks again.