UHM Help??

hey everyone

Im new and i have a little
scratch thet a BIG Problem
capital letters and all

it started sometime in april when my comodo refused tu update itself
and me being me i put off searching for a solution until start of june when i just snaped and spend 18 hours online to find a solution and now Comodo updates itself again

however when ever i try to run a scan for viruses there comes a strange little messege saying

Error code 0x800705aa not enough systemresources to run scan

and now my application agent is also not running and when I run a diagnostic to fix the problem as sugested it comes back saying thet there is nothing wrong with my installation

so here I am starring like a moron at my laptop and asking myself WTF

I decidet to ask for help this time cause my last Search-for-s-solution-for-my-comodo-problem-secion left me so frustrated thet i almost destroyed ma laptop by throwing it out of the window

I realy hope anyone can help me
thx in advance

boot into safe mode with networking and download malwarebytes and do a full scan and tell us if it fixes it on not

thanks for answering
but i think i might need a step by step guide cause i dont realy get what you want me to do
something along the lines of How-to-do-this-for-dummys

sorry to answer only just now bur i was on holiday and only got back today


What version of CIS are you running?

To elaborate a bit on DarkenCypher’s comment. To get into Windows Safe Mode start tapping F8 towards the end of the BIOS routine (first routine you see when starting up your computer) and keep on tapping until you get a screen with start up choices. Choose safe mode with networking.