UGENT: I hope you guys are stepping things up!

I know this is a bit dated now, but if we’re already having virus problems on Linux because developers refuse to do their part appropriately, allowing user-level applications to assume root through whatever backdoor means necessary, especially on Ubuntu-based distros…
(this is in reference to Blueman privelage escalation and the like, I’m trying not to be specific because some things may likely already be fixed)

With the recent HiddenWasp virus exploiting some of these things, and the fact Microsoft is getting in on the linux action,
there’s bound to be a huge torrent of incoming virus developers working on whatever exploits they can find.

Yes I’m aware the Linux community can’t find every last backdoor,
but when they’re told about them and ignore us until they become urgent, what happens then?

If you guys aren’t putting as much effort on the Linux side of things as you are with Windows, you should consider taking action and getting a move on before disaster breaks out.
Windows is a dieing OS, and Linux is rapidly growing, it’s more urgent now than ever to start stepping up development on this.

If you’re a mod looking at this post, please pass this onto the developers
I know they’re probably already having a hard time with Windows alone (hunting for exploits is hard, I’ve done it myself to protect myself in WinXP),
but Linux shouldn’t get shafted just because more people use Windows, otherwise everyone who wants to move to Linux gets shafted by less security for the reasons mentioned above.

Please devote more effort into Linux because it’s urgent.

Note: This is a motivation, not a shooting, CAVL needs to be just as powerful as CAV, with full sandboxing and HIPS, which is very much possible on Linux.

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I have corrected the overall post and made it much more appropriate (more than just correct the 2 infractions).
please excuse my behavior, it was not my intent to be offencive, only constructive.

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