is there any reason why I should be concerned about the picture below. I’m connected to a router via ethernet, theres no sharing enabled on the system? I haven’t placed the network in my network zones either within comodo its currently set up as stealth everything.

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The connections are UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) which most routers use, typically for making configuration a little easier, such as forwarding ports.

What you’re actually seeing is UPnP discovery messages, that is, when a UPnP device wants to find other UPnP devices on the LAN it sends out a discovery packet to port 1900 over the multicast address

The probable reason why Windows Operating System is seeing these and blocking them, is that you have prevented svchost.exe, which is the process responsible for the service, from receiving these connections.

If you have no need for UPnP you can disable it and the related SSDP service, by running services.msc and setting the two services to disabled. You should also be able to disable the service on the router.