do i have to include owa.example.com in my UCC domain, when i request a certificate? is it necessary or not?

Hello ramyashram,

Have you checked the FAQ’s here ?

It’s not necessary to include it on the CSR as the order form supersedes what’s in the CSR.

Domain List Example.


Primary Common Name: owa.example.com

Hope this helps.

i mean the owa is mandatory to be included by Microsoft to active the Secure Socket layer function?

You don’t have to include “owa.domain.com” if that is what you’re asking. If you don’t use owa like that as some just call it… “webmail.domain.com, exchange.domain.com, mail.domain.com, etc.” We just advise you to use your Outlook Web Access FQDN as the Primary Common Name as some mobile devices are unable to read SAN entries.