UCC Certificate Question


If I order a Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) through www.instantssl.com do I need to specify that I need all the domains in the order to be both www and non-www, or will Comodo automatically add the www alias?

For example:

If I order:


Will the certificate cover BOTH:

firstdomain.com AND www.firstdomain.com
seconddomain.com AND www.seconddomain.com

Or do I need to include the www domains in my request?

Thank you.


You need not include www sub-domains in the request, rather ensure they’re on the order form. Comodo will not automatically add the ‘www’ on these orders, they need to be explicitly set on the order form.

Another question on UCC certificates:

What is the validation process for these? We host multiple web sites in a cloud environment. We only are currently able to use one SSL certificate in this environment which is why we use a UCC cert. What is the validation process for these certificates going forward? We find that we are frequently adding new domains to this certificate and often times need a new cert issued on short notice.

Thank you!

Mark Didrikson