How bout something for Ubuntu? Dont make it feel left out :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m not sure Comodo has any plans for linux, but I think this is in fact a great idea. After all the trouble I’ve had, making the switch to Ubuntu was the best move I ever did, but they pathetic “FireStarter” and IPTables just doesn’t cut it.

It’s a great distro with plenty of community support:

Anyway +1 for an Ubuntu CIS. :slight_smile:

+1 too :-TU

You don’t need to worry about malware on Ubuntu.

At some point that will change, as it’s getting more and more popular… like when firefox was new, it was basically bulletproof (came to my head from a thread title) and was not targeted at all, now it is… I’m quite clueless myself in that respect but hear quite a few people who seem “in the know” say about so much exploits for it now.

Of course I still use FF for now, as it suits me right to the ground along with the crucial add-ons that I hope CD adopts.

Back on topic (sorry!) I think you should plan ahead always and exlore bringing the Comodo Range to linux, even more so Ubuntu due to it’s newbie friendly approach.

Please read that. and I say again… You don’t have to worry about malware on ubuntu ;D

Although you don’t have to worry about malware (there’s very few linux viruses, most open sourced), you do have to worry about exploits/buffer-overflows and rootkits. Also, a firewall is your main line of defense on even a linux box. If the port isn’t open to exploit, it makes it reallyyy hard to infect you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Concerning Ubuntu’s wiki:

Very nice read! ;D

I completely Disagree with that statement…

‘Linux Cannot Get Malware’

haha… if Mac can get a virus then Linux can too… There is always a flaw in code… its not perfect… thats why some programmers love to do what they do because its always a challenege to find the flaw …

a Firewall for Linux? hmmm… I would like to see Comodo come up with a configuration for linux to implement a firewall policy or some type of policy to make linux much more secure than it already is

Jacob… No where in this thread has anyone said that Linux can’t get malware… There is malware for linux currently, but for the most part it’s ineffective… The most it can do is harm your Home folder. Otherwise, It needs root access to indulge deeper. Unless there is some exploit to skip by the need for root? AFAIK there has not been…Could be… chances? unlikely.

First line mentions no ports re open by default on an ubuntu box so that rules out worms… though I guess web browser exploits would still work. ^^^

Funny thing… At the moment my Girl friend is here with her MACbook. The computer setup goes… Linux,Apple,Windows. :slight_smile:

+1 :-TU That would be ace… and from reading the link provided by Kyle, A/V from Comodo would go nicely, not for the people using Ubuntu (or whatever distro), but to make sure what they send/share does not infect Windows Users.

And where facts? Only old song that root access, an open code and laughable amount of viruses make Linux the perfect system in terms of security.

And why then for Linux are created and conducted AppArmor, SELinux, Israeli Corset?

Not mentioning about application-based outbound network control on Linux (there are 3rd party “one-man” projects in this field but that’s all AFAIK). Possibly in order to leak user’s data potential linux-trojan is not required root access.

Would be nice to see you (SS26) and Kyle, expand on this as you both clearly know a lot more than me in this kind of thing. And would be interesting to talk/debate about?

Maybe even create a new thread with this discussion in mind so everyone can join in…

It is superfluous. I have neither facts nor “harmful” code for Linux. Only the disjointed information about development of MAC (Mandatory Access Control) systems [MAC is similar to HIPS as far as I understand]. According to logic, if there was not a necessity in them, nobody began to create them and everybody would be happy with DAC (discretionary access control). And one more thing. AFAIK in order to go out to the internet a root access is not required for process in Linux. And also if pathetic state of segment of application-based outbound firewalls for Linux is taken into account, follows that Linux is not protected from potential data stealing malware.

Keywords are: “according to logic”, “afaik”, “potential” etc. Maybe i mistaken somewhere. Anyway, won’t go into argument on this subject simply because it is outside my competence :-X

This is just one example that limits If you run an malicious application on Linux… The application (unless a user gives the application authentication (requires password) will not be able to start up next boot automaticly.

So, you have a application that is limited to do only damage from your home folder, Can not auto start at next boot and also to not be able to connect to your computer remotely, Ubuntu for example all ports closed by default.

Updates are all downloaded from one source, Not multiple vendors so you’ll always be up to date. If you want to download new applications, Most of the time and for the average user you use the “application manager” Which browses the online database, Provided by Ubuntu which of course, is all trusted\safe. You can of-course download stuff from third-party websites, But I haven’t come across a time where I’ve needed too.

Here is some more reading…

So, I’ll leave it as that. Take it or leave it :smiley:

take care


The thing is though i had to add some Untrusted links in the Software Source Center:


so some programs can run…you can pretty much add anything and tell Ubuntu its “safe” to download :slight_smile:

Its sorta like an Backdoor cuz your letting Ubuntu download anything which is BLECH! >:(

Haha whoops

A new security update came out today forcing Ubuntu to look for the site’s security key ( or something to assume the sites safe to download) and if it’s not then it wont download anything from the site haha
;D My bad…

The last time I updated Ubuntu was 3 days ago…I double checked today and there are none.
Are you sure you didn’t just make a mistake?.. I’ve always been asked for a security key.

Your previous comment still applies… The only thing extra you need to do is add a security key.
No matter how hard you try you can never protect a user from themselves…

well i thought i did but you can make up a security key to confuse Ubuntu