U3 Launchpad Issue [Solved]

Every time I put my u3 flash drive in my computer I have to allow the launchpad to startup as Defense+ does not remember launchpad.exe even though I tell it to remember to allow. It also asks for the temporary executables that launchpad creates on the computer as they are created in a different temporary folder each time.

Is there any way to make Defense+ automatically allow launchpad and its other applications to run?

What version are you using of CIS?

CIS should be remembering your answers, odd that it’s not - and you shouldn’t be asked every time unless your flash drives creates different processes/executables each time your PC starts into different folders (which is like malware behavior so CIS will go crazy); Not saying that your flash drive is malware.


I am using 3.9.95478.509.

Actually the exe that runs from the drive is LaunchU3.exe.

As I said, I am not sure why it does not remember the LaunchU3.exe as it is in the same location (I:\LaunchU3.exe) every time. The other executables are created in a new temporary folder within C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\U3 every time LaunchU3 runs and are deleted when the drive is removed.

Well I was finally able to get Defense+ to just allow them by making a new file group. I added C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\U3* and *LaunchU3.exe to it and setup a new security policy to allow that file group any access, and made it so the file group could launch programs included in the file group. I had to use *LaunchU3.exe in the file group as the actual path to it (which is I:\LaunchU3.exe) did not work.

From the beginning I had thought that if I could make a new file group that I would be able to make it work but it appeared there was no way to edit them. I finally found the method to edit them in the user guide under “Define a New Trusted Application”.

A USB drive is not considered safe by definition so CIS will not remember the rules after rebooting or taking out the USB stick.

Congrats on finding a solution. You did some smart thinking. (:NRD)

This sucks. I can not even get it to run correctly.

I have RoboForm on my U3 Sandisk and move it between computers.

So, you don’t have a work around or anything.

I have CIS 5 and U3 Launchpad works without any issues. Perhaps you can try this new version.