Tzuk releases 64bit Sandboxie.

Pretty interesting move considering two facts

  1. he was pretty vocal about anti-patchguard and basically said he’d NEVER go 64.

  2. CIS v4 has a sandbox and public beta is around the corner. Interesting from a timing point.

He was not “anti”-patch guard. It was just that working around with it may reduce the effectiveness of sandboxie. With 64bit… he’s had to enable “drop my rights” by default to help combat the trade offs.

Sandboxie has just opened up to wider auidience… wonder how things will go ;D

  1. Why would it have anything to do with comodo’s sandbox? Let me assure you… comoxo sandbox is NOTHING like sandboxie…

I just reinstalled Sandboxie (32bit) yesterday after I had not used it for a year or so (used a virtual partition instead). I was pleasantly surprised that the interface is so much easier now than it used to be.
See my little guide here: Safe surfing with Sandboxie - very, very easy

I think everybody should have it - especially for the browser. It has such a small footprint and is so easy to use now that even a novice should be able to deal with it without problems.