I found one under the “Clean Up” side tab in the Registry Cleaner description. Usually lost an l.

Any one else catch any?

Yep, I saw it, “usualy” should be “usually”…

Actually, a further inspection of the text denotes that it needs to be grammatically dealt with as well.

“The registry constantly grows in size as many applications may store information that is usually not cleaned when they are no longer needed.”

“Your disk drives may fill up with junk such as temporary internet files, logs, and dumps.”

Also, change “internet browser” to “your internet browsers”.

I’ll go over the other text in the program to help you guys. Proper English helps with a professional image after all.

That’s a nice initiative, I’m sure Comodo appreciates it.

These need to be included into future updates.


Your suggestions have been taken into consideration and the .35 version of CSC contains the modifications made to the above mentioned typos.

Thank you for your support.

Not quite. For the Registry Cleaner entry under the Clean-Up side tab, I didn’t just fix “usually.” I’ll update it again below with some new text.

“The registry constantly grows as many applications may store information in it that is usually not cleaned when such data becomes unnecessary.”

I’ll be practicing MUCH stricter word economy with this edition of my typo and grammar error hunt.

Typos under miscellaneous:


Configure program settings and scheduling here."

"C.O.M.O.D.O livePCsupport

Click here to connect to our specialists and get get live support for your PC."

(Specifically, “and” is misspelled as “ang”, “pc” needs to be capitalized, and you need a period after “Click here”. The switch from using a question is a personal preference. It seems more professional without the use of questions.)


If any of the cleaners are reporting problems, use this feature to verify their integrity."

"Browse Product Forums

Offer feedback, receive help, or converse with fellow users of System Cleaner in our forums. Our developers post regularly and would love to hear from you."

"Check For Updates

Check for the latest updates to System Cleaner."

Back to Clean-Up:

"Registry Cleaner

This cleans your system registry of invalid and obsolete keys and values left behind for various reasons."

"Disk Cleaner

This tool cleans unnecessary files from your computers such as temporary internet files and installation files, logs, and dumps."

"Privacy Cleaner

Use this cleaner to erase traces of your internet browsing, instant messaging, and other activities."


Thank your for your for your time spent on grammar errors, the suggestions and recommendations you made. They will be taken into consideration in the upcoming version of Comodo System Cleaner.

Thank you for your support.

Looking more professional with each update. Excellent.