two things needed in CAVS

The CAVS software I just downloaded and installed needs two things:

  1. Need option for access scan on read, write, or both read and write. Ninety percent of disk access is read. If scanning is only done when writing to internal hard disks, viruses will always be found. No need to scan internal hard disks on read. However, removeable media must be scanned on read. There are exceptions, yes, but the options should be available. Other software such as McAfee and Norton have this.

  2. There needs to be a scheduled scan exclusion list. There already is an access scan exclusion list. I have mailing list / discussion forum software and all messages are archived. I wrote the software myself and cut executable attachments from emails before sending them out. However, original incoming emails are saved, including any viruses they might have. I need to exclude those folders from any scheduled scan. Also, I do not need to scan backup volumes in the scheduled scan and want to exclude them.