Two simultaneous dial-up connections problem

Hi all.

My ADSL connects via a dial-up connection, of which I have two; one which I use for international traffic and the other which I use for local/national traffic.

My problem is that when I have both connections active, Comodo’s rules only seem to affect one of them (connection A), the other connection’s traffic (connection B) is unaffected by any rules that I define (i.e. all traffic is allowed on connection B). Furthermore, any applications / connections that are making use of connection B do not show up in the Active Connections window.

My question is: have I broken something, is this expected behaviour, or is it a bug? If it’s something that I’ve broken, any ideas on how I can fix it?

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

System details:

I am using Route Sentry (allows you to log in to two ADSL accounts simultaneously and modifies routing tables to route local traffic through one connection and international through the other connection).

Route Sentry makes use of RASPPPOE (which I used to create the two dial-up connections).

My firewall rules are set up to block all traffic for all applications (this rule is right at the bottom of the Application Rules list). Above this rule are specific “allow” rules (that I have manually defined for selected applications).

Firewall version: 3.10.102363.531

OS: Windows XP Pro SP 2 (with no firewall previously installed)

Hi Damphousse,

Interesting setup, i think this can go in all directions…

So the fastest way to check, can you disable the first PPPoE connection and see if it blocks the other ?
And the other way around disable the second PPPoE connection and see if it blocks ?

That will give us a clue about what’s going on :wink:

My guess is that it wasn’t designed to work on such a setup, could also be that Route Sentry messes up something.

I guess this setup is cost-based ?
How dynamic is Route sentry ? I think it would be easier if it would not touch your routers, but only change the local hosts routing table, and forward traffic to the according router.

Hi Ronny, thanks for the reply!

I took your advice and did a few tests…

If I connect both connections, and then disconnect connection B (the one that Comodo “sees”) then connection A still doesn’t get “seen”.

If I reboot / connect both and then disconnect connection A, then connection B is still “seen”.

I don’t know much about the inner workings of Route Sentry, but it does only affect the local routing tables.

Also, both of my connections are via a single router / modem.

I hope this helps somewhat.

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