Two Questions: Alert Timer and Leak Test

Hello. I’m running an XP SP3 and I recently made the jump from CFP v3 to CIS, thanks greatly to the most helpful CIS User Guide.pdf. :-TU

However during configuration I don’t recall being given the option of setting how long alerts will remain displayed.
(I had my CFP set to show the alerts for 6 minutes I believe, but I uninstalled CFP without importing any settings.)
I can’t find any info either in the program itself, or here in the forum.

Also, would someone please tell me where to find the Leak Test, and how to run it?
I wanted to run it a while back when I had CFP, and I had a hard time even finding it… and when I did find it I couldn’t get it to run. (:AGY)

As always, thanks for the help and for providing the excellent free protection. (R)

Hello. :slight_smile:

To set the pop-up alert time for:

a) Firewall Alerts- Firewall > Advanced > Firewall Behavior Settings
b) Defense+ Alerts- Defense+ > Advanced > Defense+ Settings
(both are in seconds)

The leaktest can be found here. Download and unzip. Set CIS to “Proactive Security” (Miscellaneous > Manage my Configuration > Select > Proactive Security. When running the test block all alerts.

Thanks .FaZio93.

I got my alert times set to where I want them, but I don’t have a clue how to even begin those tests after I extract them. Do I have to run each one individually?

I have All_tests extracted to C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\All_tests.

But when I click on an individual test I get a notice saying something like I need to extract all files… so if I just click “run”, I get a splash screen saying that I don’t have sufficient rights, blah blah blah. But if I try to extract that particular file, I get a splash saying it’s password protected.

So I just deleted all that to my recycle bin and went to run CCleaner, and now I don’t have the rights to run CCleaner! ???

I’m going to reboot and try to get back my rights… but as for those tests, I may be hopeless. :-\

But again, thanks for the help on setting those timers.

extract and run clt.exe here. :slight_smile:

OK. I hope to try that tomorrow and get back to you.

Right now I have to reinstall CIS. Seems that I lost all my privileges… wasn’t even allowed to restart my computer :o
So I had to do a hard shut down and restart in safe mode to use system restore to go back before I installed CIS.

Something funky happened there and I don’t know what ???

It is possible that you made explorer.exe a isolated application this has happen to some members in the past.

Hey Guys,

Well I finally got the clt.exe run and I got a 340 / 340 as expected (:KWL)

Now I have two last questions (for now):

Was I supposed to uncheck “remember my answer” every time I blocked an alert? Because I didn’t think of it until the test was done.


Since this is a Comodo test, we expect CIS to perform well, but is the test respected in the security community at large?

Thanks again for the help (R)

Keeping “remember my answer” was the key indeed. The test is pretty new and I guess it is in the process of getting respected (that’s what I hope and expect; there is some wishful thinking here).