Two Questions about Comodo AV 4.1.1

Hi, there! I’ve just installed CAV (the latest version) on my XP. I have two question about it. The first one is that when installed it and restarted system, the Desktop tab disappeared strangely (the one when you right-click on the desktop of xp and click Properties). I don’t know how to re-gain my Desktop tab. :-\
The second question is connected with firewall security. Do I need a firewall to install along with KAV? My XP in-built wall is turned on, but just don’t know. I am not an experienced user. Installed CAV but not IS. When tried installing Comodo Firewall it said to remove CAV.

I like much CAV and its configuration possibilities. For the rest I can give my opinion after a week or so.
Greetings from Bulgaria!

you wrote one time KAV, which means kaspersky antivirus. did you mean CAV?
if you had another suite installed before, make sure, that it is erased at all.

as you started right now, and as the antivirus has not much to set, i would suggest to make a clean reinstall of comodo to fix the tab problem.

in the case of comodo i would always suggest to use the firewall and defense+ too, if you use its antivirus. the comodo sandbox could be better not to use in some cases. because it allows things to run inside… and if a keylogger would find its way, it would run inside the sandbox, but it could collect keystrokes. there are better sandboxes out there.

a firewall like comodo protects you from unallowed OUTgoing traffic too! the windows firewall only protects you from INgoing traffic. and if you get a virus that would send data from your pc, the windows firewall would not stop it.

look at each window of the comodo interface to see what you have with it. use the manual, and in case of unanswered questions feel free to ask. in the first moment it may look BIG, but if you understand the program, its very userfriendly and easy to use.
comodo is one of the best firewalls and host intrusion protection out there. its antivirus works fine in this combination. i personally would not use the antivirus as a standalone. and i would not use its sandbox.

use custom mode in the firewall and make only outgoing rules for applications. the requested answers will reach your pc then. but everything unrequested not.

Well, sorry about it. I wrote KAV instead of CAV. Yep, think i will follow your recommends. But it was really strange with this thing and the disappearence of the desktop tab in the System properties desktop-context menu. Still wondering whats wrong… :-

i know one example of disappearing of the tray icon. if comodo updates itself, and asks you, if you want to restart the system to finish the update,
when you choose “dont restart now”, the tray icon disappears.

i often read from moderators, that the process usually still runs even without tray icon,
but i restarted very fast then though :smiley: .

when you decide to use the firewall, make a port scan test to see if it works (search on a reputated site for a link). every port should be stealthed or closed. otherwise there is something wrong. try the stealth port wizard, hide me from everyone, and it will make an usefull rule to block unrequested ingoing traffic, so you dont have to answer questions about things that you dont need.
and i repeat: most possible you only need to make outgoing rules for applications, like games (tcp outgoing + udp outgoing)

dont use two firewalls or two antivirus (guards) together. you have to disable for example the windows firewall when you want to use the comodo one. thats normal.

Thanks once again for the advice, Clockwork. I repaired the desktop with the help of a reg file.