Two Dwarfs

Two Dwarfs

There was two dwarfs who worked in the same office and were talking one Friday morning about when the last time they had been out on a date. It had been sometime for both of them and they decided to go out that night and see if they could find some romance.

After meeting at a coffee shop they decided to go ahead and get two rooms just in case they got lucky, So after about 4 hours of going from club to club and coming up empty handed they were going to there room alone for the night when one of the dwarf remembered one other club and they decided to stop by for one last chance. They had no luck there after an hour or so and was headed out the door when they spotted two prostitutes down on the corner.

They took off running and went down and hired the prostitutes and went to there rooms. One of the dwarfs climbed into bed with his prostitute and after about an hour could not get aroused and was very embarrassed. Not making the situation any better he could hear his buddy screaming in the next room 1,2,3 here I come again over and over all night.

The next morning after checking out and paying the prostitutes one dwarf asked the other one how did it go last night and he sadly said; I could not get aroused and was very embarrassed last night.
The other dwarf said; “That’s nothing I couldn’t get on the bed last night!” (1.2.3 here I come again)

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