Two Different Tray Icons?


Almost always, the Comodo 3(.5) Firewall (I didn’t install the AV) gives me a large, white shield icon.

On the last 3 startups, today, it’s given me a SMALLER white shield icon, with a FLAMES/s background on the left side of it.

Why the difference? What is going on?


The smaller icon with flames is notifying you that you that there are program updates available. Click on that icon or go to Miscellaneous > Check For Updates to update. :slight_smile:


Well, that’s very interesting, because EVERY .exe file involved in the CIS folder (including the Repair subfolder) is set to block and log.

How did Comodo’s Firewall manage to “know” that there was an update if Comodo’s Firewall, itself, is being blocked from connection with the Net?

When I try to update from inside the CIS Firewall’s own settings, I get:

“Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.”

So, how does the Firewall know anything about available updates, on the Net?