Two CFP icons in my Systray [ CFP v3.0.8.214 ]

If this is already documented I couldn’t find it.

I have 2 CFP icons sitting in my Systray. One does nothing when I click on it. The other one functions as it should. If I exit out of CFP both icons will disappear from the tray.

The two icons are slightly different looking. The one that does NOT work has the flames on the left side of the shield. The one that DOES work as no flames, just a shield. It also appears a little darker then the other one.

Any chance you could get us a screenshot of that?


Hallo streetwolf,
would you mind to run V3 Miscellaneous\diagnostic an post a txt report in this thread?

Hi all.

Sorry my English.

I had the same error and only takes place when changing the user session without reboot.