Tutorial installing the plugin free download manager in comodo dragon

C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon or the folder where you installed your browser

Thanxx for the tutorial. I use portable freedownloadmanager & your tutorial worked for Comodo Dragon.

UPDATE - IE works fine. But for CD, once portable FDM is exited the tick on Google Chrome under Monitoring is automatically removed so everytime you start portable FDM you have to tick Google Chrome under Monitoring again.

Any solution for this?

UPDATE - OK, here’s a solution working here for portable FDM on Comodo Dragon

The tutorial you mentioned creates a Plugin folder in Dragon folder. The Plugin folder contains npfdm.dll.
Now when portable FDM was exited & started again npfdm.dll was automatically deleted & Google Chrome was automatically unticked under Monitoring settings of portable FDM. So I copied npfdm.dll & pasted on the desktop. When on restart of portable FDM the npfdm.dll got automatically deleted I copied & pasted npfdm.dll from desktop to Plugin folder. Now it doesn’t gets deleted & Google Chrome is still unchecked under Monitoring settings but portable FDM works fine on Comodo Dragon.

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I do not use google chrome because I consider invasive.

The solution I mentioned above works on CD but flash downloads doesn’t works on CD.

I tried downloading few videos on YouTube. IE works fine but CD mentions no flash downloads.

Any solution for flash downloads?

The above mentioned solution by me of portable FDM is problematic on CD i.e you lose the function to download with the browser itself i.e due to the pasted .dll in plugin folder, CD for download mentions FDM error if you dont start the portable FDM, instead of downloading with the browser itself.

naren, this is a problem of incompatibility of browsers based on chromium source code as shown in image below:

Soon, if not working in google chrome browser as shown in the image above with the error message and asking them to close the browser, also it will not work in browsers based on chromium.