Turning Windows Firewall on/off

Thanks very much for the feedback ubuysa. I think we all agree this is inconvenient, but the feedback we are getting is that Comodo cannot do this programmatically or are advised not to on Win 7+. I am not sure exactly how this works, possibly, just to speculate, to register with the security centre programs have to stick within a range of privs and those privs exclude turning off the FW.

However we are probing in the background to see if there is not some way. If you would be kind enough to create another topic which deals with the issue of how this can be done programmatically, we may be able to make progress.

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I’m not a developer, in fact I only program in Python, and then only for fun. However the Windows firewall in WIndows 10 can be turned on and off via the netsh command:

To turn the Windows firewall off: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

To turn Windows firewall on: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

Is it not possible to get the CIS installer to issue those commands when installing (at least on Windows 10)??

From what I’ve read, Windows Store requires it. Here’s a confirmation after a quick search:

// rephrased to avoid misinformation

Microsoft now requires any installer not turn off the various components of Windows, from version 8 going forward.
Although it is easy to disable Windows firewall either through the installer, or even manually, Comodo cannot legally do this. That leaves the manual option as the only remaining choice for users.
If users cannot be bothered to turn Windows Firewall off themselves, they have no right to complain to Comodo. Instead, complain to Microsoft.
Currently, leaving the Windows firewall on should not cause any issues.
This should be the end of the discussion, as the issue is not with Comodo.

That is the Windows firewall service that is required enabled to use the store. The Windows Firewall itself, as I always turn mine off, doesn’t seem to effect getting apps from the Microsoft store.

And that’s perfectly reasonable John, but could the CIS installer not post a notice to tell the user that the Windows firewall should be turned off? Perhaps by the netsh command…?

The problem with that, it would be classed just as bad as actually turning in off :slight_smile:

You could say facing a hard decision. I couldn’t make up my mind. I was caught between a rock and a hard place ;D

■■■■■■ is they do, ■■■■■■ if they don’t :slight_smile:


It would appear disabling the integrated windows firewall can cause knock on effects to other system dependencies.

I had an font error that was preventing a Adobe product from installing a few months back.
After a couple of support tickets it turned out that it needed to have the Windows firewall service running.
Of coarse the error gave no clue that pointed to that being the problem, but that’s all it was.

Thanks for confirming there can hidden problems caused by disabling the firewall :slight_smile:

So disabling the firewall is done at your own risk.


Negative there, Dennis.
Darren1977 stated he turned off the service. This is a bad thing to do. We are talking about the Windows Firewall itself, not the service. (2 totally separate things).
Please see the attached images.

Missed the service bit :-[

Sorry John :slight_smile:

Thinking about this, I doubt it would be illegal, after all it would be your decision.

I was wondering about this. Could you not include a checkbox in the installer saying “Turn the Windows firewall off (recommended)”. The choice would then be the end user’s and not Comodo’s. No? If nothing else it would bring the issue of the Windows firewall to the user’s notice which is worthwhile I think.

@ubuysa’s idea has sound logic. Maybe Comodo should do this in their installer? Would be a user choice, and a good idea.