Turning off RemoteAdmin and other "safety" measures

I’m constantly having CAV popup when I use utilities such as cmdow (allows hiding of cmd windows), psexec (allows running processes under other credentials), realvnc (remote access). I can tell it to permanently ignore these but it’s a hassle since any time I move the files, install a new version, etc, the popups return and have to be re-ignored.

Is there a way to turn off checking for these types of tools? I understand CAV is trying to protect the typical home user that probably wouldn’t have the first 2 utilities (cmdow and psexec) on their system but it doesn’t make those utilities intrinsically bad (I certainly use them for legitimate purposes). As for RealVNC and other remote access tools, these are very common for more technically inclined people to use to help support their less technical family and friends. I’m sure there are backdoor remote access utilities that are used by malware and viruses that should pop up as alerts, but mainstream remote access software such as RealVNC should not in my opinion.

Anyway, these are annoyances with Comodo that it seems would be easy to solve and I was hoping there was a setting I missed that would eliminate them. TIA for any insight.