Turn the igniotion on. Again.

Lazy Saturday afternoon, I was just taking a quick look at the forums here, after quite a long period of time… and I found this one, deeply interesting section.

Well, because I don’t have a mood for playing with all the IT stuff, I decided to think some things over.
Sometimes it’s hard to make some choices, because the potential possible outcomes may vary, I wonder, how many thins are determined by us and how many are just a mere coincidence. Moreover, I was thinking what my girlfriend is thinking and on one hand it’s quite simple, but on the other hand it sometimes gets more complicated than particle physics. So, basically, my relationship is a mess. But, the other side of the coin is the fact, that it’s actually a prettiest mess I’ve ever seen. There’s something peculiar and beautiful in all our quarrels, considering the fact that I can avoid flying saucers accelerating to almost lightspeed velocity in the kitchen. But it’s the last time when things can change.
People often commit actions that are a result of emotion born of false assumptions, just like I did recently. It’s obvious that one cannot go with the heart or reason alone, because these two parts have to go along together. And well, they do go, but some things have to be debugged yet. On one hand I would be bored with a relationship that has a mild atmosphere, but the truth also is, that too much heat and it will be all gone in a blink of an eye. How to strike a balance? That’s the question. Some friend of mine, say “Go on, leave her” but primo: they see, what they want to see and secundo - they don’t understand the fact that there are some aspects of life that you can’t get just by objective means. In other words, there is a resonance between people or no. And the same people that say I should end it are in relationships which are simply inertial. It’s easy to judge someone, looking through the prism of “Me”, but it’s a double edged sword.
It time to leave all the biased opinions and snap back to pure reality. To think in a better way, to see things with high resolution. A kind of being awakened from some kind of a long and deep sleep. Her behavior is sometimes erratic, but it’s all because mine is no better. It’s the high time to make smart changes.
And, last, but not least, I realized one simple fact - if you are sure about your objectives there are no excuses, you just need to push the envelope further and simply do it. No matter, what all the others say, there’s always more than meets the eye.
So, as Lance Armstrong said:
“Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”. Time to turn all systems on.

Best regards :slight_smile: