Turn Off is very slow


I have NOD32 and Comodo on my laptop.

I have installed WIN XP2 three days back only.

its taking more than 5 minute to turn off laptop.

i remember reading about this problem on microsoft.com they had an update for it try and see if they have any updates for you there. not sure if they will but i know they had a patch for this problem and also my desktop sue to be the same But after i removed all AOL products it was back to normal. Not sure if you use any aol products but if not i would delete them but thats just me.


I have never used any AOL services and even installed.

Booting is OK OK, but Turn OFF is really horrible.

well all i know is they had an update for it so (CNY)

Try the User Profile Hive Cleanup service from Microsoft. Since installing it my shutdown averages 11 seconds after previously taking several minutes.


Right-click on the CFP system tray icon, exit. Then shutdown Windows. How much of a speed difference do you notice? I notice around 4 seconds on my computer.