TurboTax contacts internet on every click

When I installed TurboTax 2009 I set it as a blocked application. I then noticed a firewall log entry for every time I clicked on anything in TurboTax. (Automatic updates is turned off and the Intuit Update Service is disabled.) I didn’t find anything on this behavior when I Googled it. Am I the only one who is bothered by Intuit/TurboTax wanting to be contacted for every movement I make on personal taxes?

If you like to stop it, do this

  1. on the bottom right screen, click on the “comodo icon”
  2. Now click on the “firewall icon”
  3. click on “Define a New Blocked Application”
  4. click on “select”
  5. click on “browse”
  6. I’m guessing it’s located c:\program files\ ************ <-----find the .exe file you want to block from going online :slight_smile:

jay2007tech, thanks for your reply. But as I said, “When I installed TurboTax 2009 I set it as a blocked application” so I already had it blocked. I was hopeful, though doubtful, that someone might know of some Ttax setting to stop the requests in the first place. I was mostly wondering if anyone else was concerned about the security issues, and a little surprised that no one seemed to be, especially considering the big deal that was made over the earlier year release with C-DILLA/SafeCast. I guess everyone has given up on privacy & security when it comes to Intuit. Oh well, thanks anyway.

You can make a custom block rule for that program. Here are the details:
Action: Block (don’t tick the log option:
Protocol: IP
Direction In/Out
Description: Block without log

Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
IP details: Any

EricJH, I was going to take a look over the holiday of at least stopping the logging. Saved me the trouble, thanks.