Turbolab.it detected as malicious by Valkirie verdict (removal request)

the site turbolab.it (an italian site with a forum about computers, O.S, internet and PC security, debunking) is detected by Valkirie Verdict.

See please Valkyrie Verdict
The culprit is

hxxp:// turbolab. it /scarica/4

which hosted UltraVNC_1_1_9_X86_Setup.exe that has been since removed.
UltraVNC_1_1_9_X86_Setup.exe is a PuP according to Comodo, Rising AV and Nano Antivirus
see VirusTotal

I’m not the site owner, I’m just a member (I volunteer as a forum moderator).

Although I refreshed Valkyrie Verdict, Comodo Valkyrie still detects turbola.it as malicious.

Can you please check then delist it?

Thank you in advance.


Hi guys,

my name is Gianluigi “Zane” Zanettini, I’m turbolab.it domain owner and LeoFlash teammate.

I just finished an audit of the site: everything seems to be OK on our side. I checked the integrity of our server, both of the OS and of our application. I got no incidents neither in our Google Search Console nor on Google Transparency Report

Please let us now SPECIFICALLY why your blocking our site and I’ll do whatever I can to fix the issues.

Please reply FAST because you are hurting our traffic and reputation.


Hello all,

We will check and verify your submission.

Thank you for your reply.
Hopefully it will be sorted out soon as turbolab is still flagged as malicious


Your submission has been processed. You can confirm updated results on https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com/

sorry for taking too long to reply.
Site is still flagged as malicious, see Valkyrie Verdict
There is no such malware.
What can we do to fix the issue?