TuneUp Utilities Version 2010, slow virus scan.

Hi I’m using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with CIS Sandbox is turned off. When I do a full system anti virus scan when it gets to the TuneUp Utilities folder, or just scan the TuneUp Utilities folder, or just scan one of the larger files in the TuneUp Utilities folder Comodo goes in to slow motion & CPU is 99%, it does not find any problems or virus in the folder, but when I scan any other file or folder on my system there is no problem, can you tell me whats wrong? BTW I can scan the same folder with Malwarebytes with no problem.

I looked more carefully at the files causing problems & they seem to be .bpl files which there are many in the folder but when Comodo reads a .exe file the CPU is still at 99% so it takes 2 hours just to scan a 60 MB size folder. The .bpl files are of course just used by TuneUp, can you find a way to stop Comodo using 99% CPU when reading these type of files?

the same problem… i’m tired already to find a solution for this problem


I tried to reproduce this on my machine (I have to Tune up utilities) but I had not this problem.
I have defaults settings of AV scanner / Win 7 Ultimate with UAC disabled / Sandbox enabled.


Ok thanks for the info Ovidiu G, I have un installed TuneUp so I can scan my PC with Comodo fast AV scanner. Please Comodo can you add a file to CIS which monitors how much CPU usage Comodo files are using, in the past the CMDagent file was using a lot of CPU, & send this infomation back to Comodo to sort these problems quickly. Thanks.

ok… for those who didn’t find a solution…
before the full system scan i added into the My own safe files into the Defence+ settings… then i scanned my pc.

I am with CIS for about a week. My cpu is a mobile 1.3GHz dual core and when the scheduled full scan is being performed it gets a high above 65% CPU usage. I experienced a frame drops while watching a low-res movie at the same time. I am prety sure it was the cmdagent.exe, because I saw it in the task manager taking up to the 100% both the cores at some moments! Fortunately, that second full scan found another threat!
I will be very pleased if the program don’t push my cpu so much.

Now I have problem with scanning TuneUp 2010. When I put to the scan it take too long! Is there any solution?

Got the same problem before!


Go to ‘Antivirus’ tab → Scanner settings → tab Exclusions → and add the Tunup Utilities 2010 Folder.
Now you can scan without slow down!


cis not only slow down computer when scanning tuneup 2010 folder… whenever i launch tuneup application, cmdangent.exe memory usage will increase up to 190,000K. even after exit the application, the memory usage will stay at 80,000k.

decided to uninstall tuneup 2010 and now my cmdagent memory usage only show 3,000k. now using CSC as alternative. i use tuneup because it got 3 days auto maintenance. hope csc will have this automation feature in the future.

Please make sure that you have added the TunUp Utilties 2010 folder to exclusions.
If you already did this, please check http://support.comodo.com/ and check if your problem is on the Support Page, if not sumbit a ticket. :slight_smile:


Using CIS on Windows 7 64 bit. Never completed a virus scan, because CIS stops working once it gets to the TuneUp Utilities 2010 folder in Programs. CPU remains at 100%, and I can only shut down the crashed scan by clicking End Process in Windows Task Manager for something called cavscan.exe

Have added the TuneUp Utilities 2010 folder to the Exceptions list using Antivirus/Scanner Settings/Exclusions. Checked TuneUp Utilities 2010 using the free Emsisoft MalAware!

This seems to be fixed with the latest beta of v5. I just scanned the Tune Up Utilities folder and it ended quickly as expected. I have seen it hanging with v4.