Trying to post BUT

When I post lately. I get the message that I posted withing the last 90 seconds , please try later. (:AGY)



The 90-second message is a spam preventative measure. If you posted after 90 seconds then it’s a forum bug as others including myself have experienced.,8212.0.html

Yeah, I’ve been getting the same message nearly every time I go to post something lately.

Gotta get yer fingers off the “Post” trigger, or Soya’s gonna come stompin’ in wi’ the jackboots on! ;D

As with so many things in life, sometimes the 90-second rule catches you even when it’s not true. I mostly see this right after I log in (usually to respond to a PM). Sometimes it’s legit, tho. If you know you haven’t posted within 90 seconds (better be sure, Comodo knows the truth…), then you can post in these boards, with the exact date/time, time of last post, etc.


At least I don’t have the jack-axe like someone does 88).

Maybe you guys need to clear the browser cache or cookies.