Try to make a stable CAV fast

Hi Melih,

I went over

to check the imprecions of the users and I saw that a lot have problems with CAV.

I don’t think that is wise to release beta versions on public download sites. It will harm the image of Comodo when the user come across to a BSOD or a pc lock-up.

It has the same effect of doing negative pubblicity for your programs.

Its getting better day by day. We have been making incremental improvements…


I downloaded and installed CAV freeware version from a site called Freeware Internet Utilities etc. I found it by Googling “NetLimiter and similar”. That gave a list, and I chose this one, NetLimiter - Download. On this page is the link to Internet Utilities. I then clicked on Anti-Virus, and got this page, Freeware AntiVirus Software. I downloaded only one program from this page, Comodo Antivirus,
Comodo AntiVirus leverages multiple technologies (including on demand & on access scanning, email scanning, process monitoring and worm blocking) to immediately start cleaning or quarantining suspicious files from your hard drives, shared disks, emails, downloads and system memory. It’s easy to install and configure, will not slow down your PC by hogging system resources and is free for life to the end user.

Free Download: Download Comodo AntiVirus (From Antivirus Software)

License: Freeware
Filesize: 24.16 Mb Compatibility: Windows2000,WinXP

It sounded good, but has hogged my resources, will not let my computer boot up, acts like a virus, not dectable by PC-cillin or Euido Anti-Malware.
I can’t uninstall it using Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, as it states that I am in Safe Mode, which I am. It is the only way I can try to rid myself of your virus, as regular mode is unavailable.
Can someone please suggest an answer? I saw many other programs on the above page that I was thinking of downloading, but not now. I keep getting burned, while leading a harmless existence myself.


Sorry to hear that.
We are here to help you solve it.
first, did you have another AV installed on this machine or any other security software?it seems like you have PCCillin Euido anti malware already. Sometime many Security products don’t play well together.
did you try to uninstall CAV from the control panel?


I had PC-cillin installed. CAV recommended that I uninstall my AV software, but I chose not to, as I was suspicious. I also had Ewido Anti-Malware 3.5 installed, which now has an internal error, and won’t update.
Yes, I tried to uninstall using Control Panel, as I stated in my post in the 4th line from the bottom.
I have successfully retored XP to Friday morning, and it works well again.
So, you are saying there is no virus etc. in CAV, I presume.

Of course not! :slight_smile:
Its good to be cautious though.

As a first line of defense you should also have Comodo firewall! You can read Melih’s corner above in the forum to understand what we are trying to do :slight_smile:

thank you for you time and hope to have you as a happy Comodo user and join our community.

Hi Joe

Welcome to the forums.

One thing that could have caused your system to hang in the manner you described is the fact that you had two anti virus programs attempting to run at the same time. Imagine that both of these had their real time scanning component activated. As soon as a file is opened (during the boot process and after the anti virus program/s have started), one of hte AV programs will attempt to scan it. The other AV will detect the first AV app scanning the file and jump in to check it. The first AV would then detect the second AV apps access of this file and check it. The second AV would then … ad infinitum.

This can, and does, happen if you have more than one real time virus scanning component running at the same time.

As a test, you could, temporarily disable the realtime scanning component of PC-Cillin and reinstall CAVS. After the reboot, the only realtime component in memory would be CAVS but you can still manually scan with either AV. I had to use this same method when I was first evaluating CAVS and still had AVG running. Once AVG’s real time component was disabled, boot speed was restored and the system operated normally.

If you re-run the setup file for CAVS, do you get the options to Install, Repair or Remove? If so, does this Remove option work?

Please bear with Comodo on this. While the problem you’re having is bad (is there any such thing as a good problem? ;)), it’s not a universal problem affecting all users, and as such, it will require a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to get to the bottom of it.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: