i’ve been using crawler’s got Web security guard, kinda like trusttoolbar.
somethin’ fishy here is, when i was trying to open, the web security guard alerts me that has been reported as POTENTIAL DANGER,but when i click ‘more info’ button on the alert, it’s got nothin. (usually the ‘more info’ button will tell us what are making the site is dangerous : viruses,pornographic,spyware,etc).

business competition?

one(two? (:TNG)) more thing,
i’m using mozilla firefox, when/where can i get trusttoolbar for firefox?
and i’ve been using comodo v-engine,do i still need trust toolbar?


You may want to read through the following post, for a possible explanation as to why it may be detected:;topicseen

It would be great if you could report a false positive for Web Security Guard.

VE and TrustToolbar effectively do similar things in verifying the site, but use different techniques. I don’t think there is a version of TT for Firefox.



V-Engine is the successor to Trusttoolbar, you do not need to use Trusttoolbar if you are using V-Engine.

That’s shocking if it works solely on user opinions. Surely there should be someone checking users responses?

I’ll see if I can send an email to Crawler and see what there response is.


Yes, I will do. I sent a ticket a few hours ago asking the following:

Dear sir / madam,

I believe your definition of TrustToolbar to be incorrect, in regard to the detection of it via Web Security Guard and Spyware Terminator. TrustToolbar ( does not display advertisements or hijacks a browser - it is a browser helper object that verifies if a site is legitimate. It is a security software.

One more question, does Web Security Guard rely solely on user opinions or does someone at Crawler check these reviews periodically for verification purposes?

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply,

I’ll post as soon as I get a reply, which could be around 2 business days according to their website.


No reply as to the definitions, yet. But, they have replied asking me to contact the Spyware Terminator team direct. I’ll let you know what they say.



Here is the reply I got from the Spyware Terminator team:

Thank you for your interest in Spyware Terminator.

All the updates are done by people opinions and suggestions plus our experts they verify the websites first and then update it on Web security guard.

Thank you for using Spyware Terminator. Please tell your friends and family about us.


Your Spyware Terminator Support Team

Unfortunately, they seem to have completely avoided my question as to the definitions of Trust Toolbar. :-\


The reply they gave sounds like a it came from a politician trying to cover up some misdemeanor by not actually answering the question properly.

Makes one wonder what they have to hide?


You’re welcome. If you would like additional protection, you want to take a look at McAfee SiteAdvisor to give you more information about a website.