Trustlogos & Hackerproof Loading VERY Slow

Since last Wednesday, we have noticed that trust logos are loading VERY slow causing pages on our site to load at a crawl. Even when visiting comodo pages, loading speeds are VERY slow. I had to take the logo javascript calls off our site completely in order to fix this issue. It may even be a Verizon to comodo connection issue as my home and office both have Verizon FIOS connection which is fiber optics. What can we do to resolve this? Everything seems to load fine on weekends and early mornings and its during heavy business hours that the load times are at a crawl.

Update: It seems it not just Verizon after all. Same problems even with cable modem users and testing directly from our Data Center as well. Even is coming up slow for us as they have references to the trustlogos as well.


Please submit a ticket to with the domain name you are having the issue