TrustLogo Redirects to - IE 7.0.5730.11, javascript/cot.js

I’m using IE 7 (7.0.5730.11) and am getting strange behavior when clicking on the corner of trust logo.

On mouseover the information box displays fine

When clicking on the actual logo, the pop up displays as it should, but……

The underlying page (the one the logo was clicked from) is redirected to

I’ve called support 2 times (by the way… very rude)
And have used the online help/chat feature… they solicited me while browsing the looking for answers.

I cannot get an answer to this, nor even a conversation, I hear from support “It’s your browser settings”

Here is the deal, I’m having this issue, I’m sure others are as well.
Maybe it’s only this specific version of IE but I’d think, since the “browser” is a HUGE part of this whole COT thing. You would at least be open to discuss a solution.

I took a look at the 2 cot.js files

The code I focused on below (at the end of either 2 files)

document.write(’SSL Certificate’);document.write(’’);}

I replaced the with a pound symbol (#) and tested locally, It fixed the problem.

So it seems……

That along with the LINK that is put in the bottom tag (before the tag which is conveniently hidden with a “display: none;” via the cot.js file) the link is plugged again in the document.write statement directly IN the cot.js file.

The whole of all this is as follows.

When displaying the logo on my page, and a customer wants to check it out. I don’t want to be sending them over to, I want to keep them on my site, so they can buy what I’m selling… The whole reason for the logo in the first place.
Realizing that this may only be affecting the above listed version of IE (which yes, it could just be my settings that is causing this), I haven’t had any feedback from anyone else as of yet, but this is my only post.

Does anyone else have this problem? It even happens on THIS support forum when clicking on the trust logo (bottom right)

Obviously you’ll need the IE version above.

The version 7.0.5730.11IC does not reproduce this problem

I’ve even reset my IE settings to see if it would fix, but to no avail

I’m willing to be that a typical shopping customer is not going to spend this much time trying to figure this out. Only people installing the certs and logos. So this may be why comodo is not getting the feedback. Some may not even have checked (or noticed)

Support team… Please help!!

My System
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
IE 7.0.5730.11


Please let me know the domain name in which you installed the trust logo if the problem still persist.