TrustLogo Javascript Error on IE 7.0.6001.1800

Recently my site started throwing a JavaScript error “Unexpected call to method or property access”. Debugging leads me to “style.appendChild(styleRule)” in the trustlogo.js file hosted by Comodo. Reading around, I’m finding that style is not an object that can really use the “appendChild” call.

You can find many bug reports regarding style and appendChild by searching:

Is this something Comodo plans on fixing?


You’re not alone. Our website just started displaying the error and blocked the pop up with the option: “do you wish to install the activex control”.

Is it the revolving globe that is causing the block? I LOVE (:LOV) that globe spinning around one time and it draws attention to the trust logo so we’re not sure what to do. We took our corner logo site seal down today becuase this has been going on for 3 days and we don’t want to scare off shoppers

What should we do? Just re-post the corner seal without the spinning globe? Can we do that? ???

Thanks for any advice…


Please let me know the domain name in which you are having problem with Corner Trust logo.