Trustix AV

This question may seem to have a logical answer, but nothing in the information describing the product specifies this. Even in the comparison chart this is not shown.

Does Trustix Anti-Virus scan your email as it is received?

A most important fact which should be mentioned. Or am I just missing it? ::slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that Trustix would have e-mail scanning - it’s probably included under real time protection.

You may be better off sending an e-mail to support I’m sure they will be helpful and quicker than the forums.


Thanks for the reply. I thought as much, but just by looking at the web site info, you don’t really know for sure.
The last time I emailed a non-service question it took 2 weeks to get a reply. And then, they were not sure. They would need to get with sales and get back with me. That has been 45 days ago. Hence the posting here. I thought for sure someone from their staff would be on top of the forums. Such is life. Hurry up and wait. ;D

I’m pretty sure some people on the forums are from Comodo perhaps they are unsure as well ?

the AV team is working flat out to launch the new CAV (Comodo Anti Virus). I am sure they will take more active role once thats off the ground. Email scanning is available in CAV. Trustix AV only has On Access Scanner. CAV is much more feature rich product.


Thanks Melih,

That helps clear it up.

CAV is much more feature rich product

That’s always good to hear :wink:

AV only has On Access Scanner. CAV is much more feature rich product. Melih
Thanks for the information. I look forward to trying CAV with CPF. Thanks for all of your hard work. Lee

Hi Melih, will CAV be announced here first and also a link to the download when it becomes available? Thanks , tim

I will do my best to give you a heads up here first :wink: