Trusting vendors - I don't want to! [v5]

Some people working in highly sensitive environments may not wish to trust Comodo’s trusted vendor list. Unfortunately CIS no longer has a separate setting that allows you to turn off the trusting of vendors in Comodo’s trusted vendor list. This FAQ show you how to get round this in different ways depending on exactly what you want to achieve.

[ol]- If you don’t want to trust CIS’s trusted file list or CIS’s trusted vendor list, then select ‘Paranoid mode’ on the D+ settings security level slider. Be aware that you will get an awful lot of alerts and need to create a large number of rules to allow file actions (or make files trusted yourself) if you do this. Boot times may be extended until you grant necessary permissions to some operating system files.

  • If you want to trust CIS’s trusted file list, but don’t want to trust the trusted vendor list, no official setting is provided. However you can use the following fix: replace the Vendor.n file in the Program Files\Comodo Internet Security\Database directory by a dummy file. To disable the original file, rename it OldVendor.old or something similar. To create the dummy file create a blank Vendor.txt file with Notepad and renamed it Vendor.n. Since this is a fix you may need to repeat it each time CIS updates it’s core software, and future updates may break it. This fix was discovered by L.A.R. Grizzly - many thanks to him!
  • If you want to maintain your own Trusted Vendor List. Disable cloud lookups. Untick ‘automatically scan unrecognsed files in the cloud’ and ‘Perform cloud-based behaviour analysis’ in Defense Plus settings ~ Execution control settings. (If entries are still added check whether cloud scanning is enabled in the manual and scheduled tabs of the AV module - by default it is not). This prevents CIS from replacing the Trusted Vendor List, but obviously has side effects re CIS’s ability to look up and analyse unrecognised files. Delete all the vendors you don’t want to trust one-by-one from Computer Security policy ~ Trusted Software Vendors. If you don’t retain all the Microsoft and Comodo entries you may cause stability problems. Using R and holding it down is quicker than using a mouse - it reportedly take about 5 mins. Saving intermediate lists can save time in case you go too fast and delete entries you wish to retain.[/ol]