TrustFax mailserver delay for emailed fax

I generated an email with an attached PDF and sent it to the trustfax server. Thus far, it has failed to appear in my TrustFax account. Looking at my mailserver logs, I see the following messages:

Apr 24 20:35:44 kim postfix/smtp[27715]: E28FE25E9AD6: enabling PIX workarounds: disable_esmtp delay_dotcrlf for[]:25
Apr 24 20:38:44 kim postfix/smtp[27715]: E28FE25E9AD6:,[]:25, delay=842, delays=661/0.12/0.21/180, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (conversation with[] timed out while sending message body)

The entire email is ~200KB in size, with the PDF attachment comprising ~155KB of that. In other words, it’s a pretty small file. Why the timeout? Is there a problem with TrustFax’s Cisco equipment? Earlier versions of that FIXUP SMTP protocol on the PIX firewall are notoriously buggy, you know…

The FIXUP SMTP protocol was adjusted on the PIX to eliviate the timeout that you experienced.

Fantastic! Thanks for the response. I was able to send a fax via email, so it appears to indeed be fixed.