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Hi Everyone

We developed Desktop Facing product for Trustfax and would love to hear your comments on it.

You can get a free trial account (you have to provide your credit card, but you don’t get charged anything if you cancel before 30 days or send over the limit allowed etc).
This service assigns a Toll Free telephone number, this tel no becomes your fax number (yours alone). When someone faxes to this fax number it comes as pdf file to your email address. This desktop version allows you to fax from your desktop. Its a useful tool if you do faxing (real estate, health, financial industry etc).

Pls give it a try and let us know what you think, looking for feedback on this pls.
(Also, if you need a discount on our rates, pls let me know, the least I can do is offer some discount for giving us your feedback).

thanks a lot.


The trustfax desktop works with Windows XP and you will need a Trustfax account to use the application.
There are no banner ads or popups ads with this free desktop program.
Trustfax desktop is not required to use trustfax. You can send faxes by email to fax or trustfax web to fax.

I have started my free trial period of trustfax and also downloaded the desktop software to use with it. We currently use efax for our office but I would love to get away from them. The one good thing they do is they make it so easy for the user to “print to fax.” I thought this software was going to be the key for our switch to your service, but I’m having some problems. I have attmepted to send several faxes to our office fax machine but none of been successful.

Is there a limit on what file types we can “print to fax”?

I have tried both a small website print and .doc with the same results. After selecting Trustfax Desktop and printing I get the popup that says “print complete. Click to preview” The preview window comes up after clicking, then I select Send. Upon filling in all the information to be able to fax I click send. The Job Manager window pops up and the status is “transmitting.” After waiting a long time I decided to check out the status of the job online. In the tracking section my job is shown as “converting” The weird thing is that it shows that there are zero pages. I know for sure that one of the faxes should have been two pages (cover page and one page MS word that I “printed into the software”).

Well after about ten minutes of the same “converting” status I canceled the jobs.

I was able to send a pdf from the desktop software, but I need to basically be able to send anything. That is the good thing about efax… if you can print it… you can send it. Sure i can convert it first but I’d like the software to do all of this for me. Can you possibly adjust this software to have a pdf converter built in or something so you could have true “print to fax” capability?

I think you could actually be able to increase your customer base if you could make this happen. It would just make it easier for the user.

Any advice on this issue. I would really love for this software to be my efax replacement.

Thanks, Tyler

You can fax .doc , .pdf , .txt , .jpg, .bmp, .xls, .wpd, html (public links to images and no scripting), .png, and .wks. files. There is a built in document converter in the filing cabinet. Login to your account and upload a document into the filing cabinet. Once the upload is complete click on the option to convert. You can find step-by-step instructions at:

Trustfax Support

Tried to install and got terror message on Windows XP as Administrator.

“The error message is The Trustfax Desktop could not be installed. Error code 87056-15”


One file exists in C:\program files\trustfax\TFDesktop called TFDesktop.exe

If I click it I get: Configuration appears to be corrupt. Please un-install and re-install TrustFax Desktop.

The web based UI is too inefficient, to much clicking, logging in and other BS. Please make this work with Paperport via a simple drag and drop plug in! Saving the file as PDF and then uploading via e-mail or the Trustfax UI is clunky.

Any estimate on a version that works with Vista x64?

Or even Vista x32?

Excellent, works great for me… This was basically the final piece of my mobile office puzzle. THANK YOU!

My installation of the TrustFax Desktop application has suddenly started to display all 4 buttons in the Document Manager as “Send” buttons. This was not always the case. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the Application with no success. I am running Win XP Pro SP2 with all current updates. Would appreciate any assistance available.

Thanks, highrise2020

Trustfax has been unable to recreate your issue on any variations of computer runing Windows XP with different service updates.

I am way tardy in checking my forum responses.

I am thinking that sometimes uninstall does not uninstall everything. I would like to try uninstall again. Should I experience the same problem could Comodo advise regarding the manual removal of registry keys and/or dlls that may still be remaining? Just a thought.


If you have any issues with uninstall, send them directly to for assistance

Hi, … Any chance of a Mac ver. ?


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There is not a MAC version yet. The TrustFax Desktop is only available for MS Windows XP users are this time.
Your request has been forwarded to the product team. Thanks,